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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Debt Counsellors Association launched- Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors

All Pro DCs have officially begun to take on members from 1st October 2011. Below see their invite and consider if you wish to join up.


You are hereby formally invited to become a member of our association ALL PRO DC.
Our association consists of men and women:
• who are registered with the NCR as Debt Counsellors &
• individuals with a vested interest in the Debt Counselling industry.

The objectives of ALL PRO DC are;

• to be a professional body for Debt Counsellors in South Africa as a non profit organization for the purpose of promoting the interests of members of the ALL PRO DC and a professional Debt Counselling industry;
• to keep members informed with the law and practice of Debt Counselling;
• to insist upon a high and ethical standard of behavior on the part of members and to preserve and maintain the integrity and status of the ALL PRO DC;
• to facilitate the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to Debt Counselling, NCR & DTI and persons associated with the provisions of the National credit act;

The aims of the ALL PRO DC are:

• to promote fair credit practice within South Africa and to promote the objectives and aims of the ALL PRO DC;
• uphold, protect and develop the Debt Counselling profession;
• challenge all discriminatory practices relating to the credit in the Credit industry;
• be the national voice for its members;
• co-operate with bodies that have similar objectives;
• to liaise and represent Debt Counsellors with the NCR, DTI and credit provider forums or any other interested party; and
• to promote fair credit practice within South Africa and to promote the objectives and aims of the ALL PRO DC.

Membership fees will be R100.00 per month until members decides otherwise. Banking details to be provided.
Our association will be in the following city/town for meetings on proposals for amendments to the National Credit Act:
If you require more information please go to for access to our Forum.
Get your application form from documents tab.
Please send your application form to
Yours in Debt Counselling

Adri de Bruyn (NCRDC998)

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