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Monday, July 11, 2011

Shocking news item in Business Day implies corruption at NCR

The Business Day has run a story regarding a DC who was supposedly involved with organising a bachelor party for a member of staff at the NCR. The report states that the Business Day has documentary proof of correspondence from the DC to NCR staff which states in part:

"A house will do, a hotel in Midrand can easily be construed to be a wedding whereas we throwing a batchelor’s party. (sic) Privacy and being motherless is key as I have a few girls that have agreed to strip for the celebrant, I don’t c this occurring in a Hotel. Explore your imagination gents (sic),"

The DC - Mr. Nyiko Reginald Matjokana was writing to officials (including a debt counselling monitoring officer and legal adviser) in an e-mail back in November 2009, ahead of a bachelor’s party he held for a project manager employed by the NCR.

Business Day says that they knows the name of the three employees concerned and that as recently as last month they were all three still working for the NCR.

This story shows the potential for corruption that could undermine the process. It also has raised questions about the relationships between DC's and staff at the NCR. Are these the lengths to which DC's have to go to keep their registration, or entice the NCR to send business their way?

With the NCR being one of the first ports of call for many troubled debtors, it plays a crucial role in referring consumers to DC's country wide. It has been repeatedly stated that there is a lack of clarity as to how such referrals are given.

Mr Matjokana - the DC accused - denied any attempt to influence regulator staff and said he had not supplied any women for the bachelor party.

"It was merely a bachelor’s party for a guy we know and on the e-mail we jokingly said ‘this is what I’ll do’. You know that type of a thing...The person in question at the NCR does not refer clients. When people call, they give them the website. So how would I influence? We do our own marketing

Mr Matjokana, of Maita Projects, has several offices in Gauteng, Middelburg and Bloemfontein. He has around 2000 clients at present. He claims his success has raised questions on the part of some people with bad intent "without appreciating our good efforts and the good work we offer the client". Implying that he is the victim of a smear campaign.

It is no secret however that the NCR have since conducted two investigations into allegations against him of bribery or that in both cases he has been cleared of said charges. Some point to friends within the NCR as shielding him. In October last year, Mr Matjokana even won an appeal against a bid by the NCR to de-register him.

Stories like these expose weaknesses in the NCR referral system and magnify the concern of DC's regarding exactly how these referrals are made.


  1. Try looking at the NCR and SA Taxi finance's "relationship" - something is VERY rotten!!

  2. I think most of these stories actually originate from the NCR themselves, leaking it out to distract people from the real corruption that is going on there.

  3. Can you find someone to investigate why Matjokana's client are billed legal fees everytime he feels like and that causes the creditors not to be paid on certain months because He wants to keep up his lifestyle,what kind of a father will sleep around with young girls old enough to be his daughter NCR must go and do an audit Maita projects