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Friday, December 3, 2010

DCASA's new Membership fee structure

DCASA has approved a new Membership fee structure . Registered Debt Counsellors can now elect to join as an Associated Member (R65/mthn) or as a Full Member (R300/mnth) of DCASA.

A great deal of work has been done by DCASA. Over the last four years DCASA has built up it's membership to 230 members. They have tackled the issues of the Debt Counselling Fees, a Code of Conduct and the appointment of an Ombud who will deal with Debt Review matters. Why is such an Ombud so important? Well while the NCR will continue to perform it's statutory role, the Credit Ombud will be able to rule on industry debt review matters where voluntary agreements (beyond the NCA requirements)have been reached. This is a great leap forward, as DC's can now for the first time ensure that all parties keep to the signed NCR Task Team guidelines.

DCASA has established branches in most Provinces and we will shortly be providing you with the details of the planned meetings for 2011.

During February 2011 all DCASA Provincial Branch Committees will be re-elected and in March a Special General Meeting will be held and the NEC will be re-elected.It is therefore necessary that any DC who wishes to join DCASA does so prior to the end of Jan 2011 to be eligible to vote and be elected to any of the structures within DCASA.

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