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Thursday, November 11, 2010

ABSA- reasons for the slow down in turn around

ABSA have communicated with DC's to say that they are experiencing extremely high volumes of queries and requests coming through incorrect email and personal email addresses. This has severely impacted there turnaround targets and operational excellence.

They stated in their communique: "Our Debt Review Call Centre is the frontline to our business and ultimately the first entry point for your queries and requests. You are encouraged to make use of these channels to ensure that your query can be tracked as it will be logged onto our systems. Queries and requests that are logged enable us to conduct trend analysis that will indicate areas of our business that need more focus and improvement. When in contact with the Call Centre, please make certain that you are issued with a reference number. You will need the reference number to follow up on your query."

ABSA are also concerned that court notices are not always received on time. Rule 55 of the Magistrates’ Court Act requires that papers be served 10 days prior to the date of the hearing. They ask DC's and attorneys to notify them as far in advance as possible.

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