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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get More Wear Out of Your Clothing

We all know how expensive new clothes can be and when times are tight you will not have money to spare on new clothes every month.

Here are a few tips on how to preserve your clothing for longer.

1. Wash Less Often, and Only in Cold Water

Many of us are guilty of over laundering our clothes, which costs time and money and is usually unnecessary. Washing and drying is often actually harder on clothing fabric than wearing it! Consider wearing apparel items more than once between laundering, and wash most clothing in cold water only; cold water costs less, is gentler on fabrics, and will get most clothes just as clean. But remember if it's time to wash it.

2. to Bleach or not to Bleach...

Bleach can cause clothing to disintegrate more quickly. If you need to brighten white clothes, try using baking soda and hot water instead.

3. It Pays to Get Hung Out to Dry
Clothes dryers not only cost a lot to own and run, but they cook and beat the life out of your clothing too. Drying your clothes on a good old-fashioned clothesline can increase the lifespan of some garments by as much as fifty percent.

4. Catch them while they are small

Most rips and tears start out small, so check your clothes carefully after every washing to catch and mend snags while they're still small and easy to fix.

5. Zip Up Before You Wash up

Metal zippers on jeans, jackets and other apparel items are like tiny chainsaws in the washer and dryer, ripping away at other clothes the whole time unless you zip them up first.

6. Soggy Shoes

The lifespan of Shoes is often cut short by the effects of moisture, even more so than by pounding pavements. To make your shoes last longer, don't wear the same pair every day. Give each pair at least a day in between wears to dry out from the moisture they absorb from your body and the environment. Frequently shining or sealing shoe leather helps protect it from moisture as well.

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