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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Job Search Success | June 3 2010

If you're a frustrated job hunter - everything's taking too
long; you apply for jobs but all you get is a deathly silence;
everyone seems to be working fine except for you - then this is
the best and cheapest way I can help you. Go here:

I really sympathize with your situation. But no matter who you
are there is only one answer to your problem. Action. Right
action. Tough action. Immediate action. Massive action.

Visit the link and you'll find a program that tells you
step-by-step what the right action is and explains in practical
detail how to take it.

I know that you just want a job. You don't want advice. I
understand. You just want to send off your CV, get called for an
interview, and get the job. Right?

But to you I put just one question:

How's that working for you?

If it's not, visit:

Job hunting is not a joke. It can take you to the edge. If you
believe in miracles, then perhaps staying with your current job
hunting strategy is fine.

I truly hope you never need any job hunting advice. I get tears
in my eyes just thinking about a Father who's unemployed, he has
3 kids, his wife works but doesn't earn nearly enough to cover
even the household expenses, never mind the bond, car payments,
insurances and medical aid.

It's desperately tough. And the best I can do to help is this:

And in conclusion: if you have a job, appreciate it. Do the best
job you can every day. Even if you hate it. Make it your personal
mission to do a great job. Today. Sure, look for another more
suitable job. You will find one.

But for now: do a brilliant job today. There are many that have
just given up looking for what you have; they've lost marriages,
they've lost self respect; they've lost hope; they feel desperate
and lost. Don't take your current 'luck' for granted.

The World Cup is great. But for those that are unemployed all
the hype just seems empty, hollow. If you're stuck in a bad job,
it'll distract you for a while, but you'll still have that
feeling of dread in your stomach come Sunday nights. Get help
with your job hunt. Go to:

It's the best way I can help you.

All the best.

CV Writer, Job Hunting Coach
Author or "Job Search FAST TRACK - DYNAMITE for Job Hunters"

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