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Thursday, June 3, 2010

ABSA change their mind regarding serving court documents

ABSA have changed their stance on serving of court documentation and will now only receive service of court documents by Sheriff to the following addresses:

Servicing of Debt Counselling Court Applications, Consent Orders and Court Orders:

8th Floor Marble Towers
208 Jeppe Street

Servicing of Reckless Credit Applications:

16th Floor Towers Main
160 Main Street

Previously ABSA were prepared (like most creditors) to accept service via fax or email to a specific fax number and email address. This change will, of course, push up the cost on the legal side of things and will potentially slow the process.

This means Debt Counsellors will now have to take less time to "negotiate" with ABSA during the review process and will have to proceed with the legal side of things sooner in order not to miss their deadlines.

ABSA have requested that the Notice of Motion should be sent at least ten (10) days prior to date of hearing.

They have requested that Debt counsellors and attorneys specifically refrain from faxing or emailing any of the above mentioned court documentation even though they may previously have been granted permission to do so.

For further information:
ABSA Debt Review Call
Centre on 0861 005 901

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