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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spice up your CV- advice from Gerard le Roux

Why not go have a look and see if your CV needs a little spicing up.(Editor)

2 CV Examples and My Analysis to Help You

Can your CV really have 'bash-down-door' power? You may think not. And that may be because:
You just don't know how to put "you" on paper in a way that creates impact; or
You may feel you're just average, there's nothing really special about you.

Do you mind me telling you you're wrong on count no. 2. Unless you're a real 'dingbat' you really do have something special to offer. This is a topic for another day however.

Regarding putting the best of you down on paper, in a CV, however, I've provided a lot of good info up at And of special note, I've put 2 sample CVs up there for you do see and download. They also contain my inserted analysis of how I've written them and why I've done them the way I have.

WARNING! before you go there. Every CV is unique. No 2 CV's are ever the same (well, in my mind and practice anyhow) so the CV's you'll see were tailored to be just right for their owners (not for you!).
But nonetheless there's lots for you to learn from the samples and from my analysis.

You'll find them here:

You'll also find more CV writing ideas at - this is where I post any new ideas I have about how to make your CV really stand out. These are ideas that you won't read anywhere else.
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Gerard le Roux
CV Writer and Job Hunting Coach
083 744 5454 [The Job Search Clinic] [CV Writing]

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