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Friday, January 30, 2009

ABSA Customer Debt Repair line

I recently phoned ABSA's debt repair help line as a bit of an experiment.

A friendly and professional automated voice guided me through option after option.
Carefully i made my selections until cut me off
(It is always pleasant when a machine cuts you off rather than a person).

Other than being cut off, i found the only other snag to be that no immediate option existed of speaking to a human (i do so love talking to humans).
I can only assume that due to high call volumes the phone system is unable to process my request.

I have as yet to make it through to the elusive "human".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Compare bank charges

One of the hidden day to day costs lies in your monthly banking fees. Each time you use your card or draw money or deposit money it costs you. So try to cut down on these costs.

The importance of shopping around:

You compare prices at the shop don't you? Maybe it is time you did that with your bank charges as well.

If you were to switch from a bank charging say R50.00 per month in account fees to one charging R2.50 that would mean a saving of R570 per year.

(Industry note: This amount per month could, in some cases, be used to service an existing un-restructured debt amount of up to
R3 500.00/month)

Some banks are cheaper than others

One bank charges a "once-off" Internet banking charge of R120.00 and never charges for Internet banking again, as opposed to many other banks that charge up to R20.00 per month
A switch could eventually save you R240.00 a year

(Industry note: or in some cases a possible repayment on an un-restructured debt of up to R1 500.00/month)

A R67.50 saving monthly can contribute to repaying your debt sooner.

Happy bank shopping!

Relief Ahead ?

According to many financial sources SA’s main inflation rates dipped more than expected last month, driven by a sharp fall in fuel prices. This builds a case for the projected full percentage point cut in interest rates next week. So hold on this could mean some much needed relief for us all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Debt Counsellors for 2009

The NCR are presently processing more Debt Counselling applications than ever.Which is good news considering the NCR are predicting another 140000 applications being accepted for Debt Review by mid-year 2009.
This is understandably putting a strain on the targeted six week turn around time for applications.
The NCR has had over 1250 applications to date.
So if you are in the Queue try to be patient... it could be a while.

Feel free to contact the registration dept. in Pretoria on :
0860 627 627

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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